X-Ray Technology Seminar

Washington state law requires x-ray technicians to complete training on the topic of HIV / AIDS as a part of their registration process.  All health related professions under the disciplinary authority of the Washington state Uniform Disciplinary Act (RCW 18.130) are affected, with different numbers of hours being required for different specialties that have different risk factors:

This training is separate from the 48 hours of classroom training required to learn how to take x-rays.

Students of the 48-hour Introductory Radiographic Technique course are advised to begin searching for a source of this HIV / AIDS training at the beginning of their IRT course, so that they will have completed the HIV training by the time they have completed their 48-hour x-ray training.

There is no significant risk factor for limited x-ray technicians taking x-rays in private health care facilities — particularly in chiropractic offices — and so the requirements for HIV training are quite easy to meet, and various options are considered quite broadly.

Past training may qualify

If an individual has completed a general health or first aid class during their schooling that contained at least 4 ( or 7) hours of material on HIV / AIDS, a course instructor or advisor can certify to the attendance.

This applies to any HIV / AIDS training since 1988.

Check for possible local courses: